1. What is Gunslingers?
  2. How do I register?
  3. Why do you need my email?
  4. Do I have to pay?
  5. How do I play?
  6. What do paid players receive?

What is Gunslingers?
Gunslingers is a time wasting game. In this game you can practice your quick draw and challenge people from anywhere around the world. You can also chat with them in our chat box.

How do I register?
You can register on the main page. Click here to go to the main page, the registration section is in the bottom left. You must select a name, a gender and password. We also ask you enter an email password so that your password may be emailed to you if you forget it.

Why do you need my email?
When you register we ask for your email, a user name, a password and your gender. Your email address is only used to mail you your password if you forget it. If you do not supply an email address we can not email you your password. Your email is also used to contact you (if you are a paid player) when it comes time to pay you any commissions from referrals.

When we ask for your gender we are asking for the gender of the character you wish to play. If you are a male you are free to play a female, and females may play males if they wish. Selecting your gender will determine what pictures are showen when you enter a gun fight.

Do I have to pay?
No, the game is completely free, however, there are additional features and benefits to those who wish to pay a one time fee of $10. Those who pay the registration fee will be given many more abilities within the game. We encourage everyone to register for $10. This allows us some income to help pay for the game, domain names, hosting and bandwidth.

How do I play?
First you must create an account and log in. Then you must challenge another player to a gunfight. The people who are currently online are listed under the chat window. You can click the [fight] link beside their name to begin a gun fight. You select where you move and where you aim. After that you draw your gun and wait for the person to respond. You may be challenged by others as well. On the left hand side of the screen you will see a list of any pending challenges which you may choose to accept or decline.

What do paid players receive?
Paid members get a variety of items:

  • Access to the gun shop: The gun shop allows you to buy more powerful guns. The more powerful your gun the more points you will receive when you win a gun fight. You buy guns with points from your score.
  • A character avatar: Upload your own photo or picture and others can see what you look like.
  • Extra chat commands: You can send messages to other. For example to send a message just to Petrarch type: "/petrarch Hello, you rock!" without the "quotes, it is the slash/ before the name which will send the message just to one person.
  • Enchanced chat mode: You can edit your profile to include the enhanced chat mode. In this mode you will see messages regarding gunfights in the chat window so you don't need to continually check your list on the left.
  • A mark by your name: Paid members will receive a + besides their names so everyone knows the contributions they made to the game. (Chat board moderators have a % and administrators of an @)
  • Custom fighter slogans: Mock your enemy in a gun fight by sending them a message when you challenge them.
  • AFK mode: This can be set in your profile and it prevents people from challenging you.
  • Unlimited number of challenges: You are no longer limited to the 10 outstanding challenges limit that free players are limited by.
  • An ad discount: Care to advertise on this website? Get reduced rates.
  • Detailed stats: Paid members will see a [stats] link appear besides the names of all online players. These stats will display a gunslinger's moves and give you an idea on where they may be attacking or moving to.
  • Full affiliate membership: Earn a cash commission of $2 (paid via Paypal) for every person you referr who later registers for $10 as well.